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Rules are a necessary evil, even in something that is fun, as they keep everything running smoothly for all members if they are adhered to. Please note the following rules and abide by them.

1. Any member not adhering to these rules will be given TWO warnings. Third warning is an automatic dismissal as is anything which is excessive.

2. No swearing. There are members of various ages, ethnicities, religions, etc here so please keep a lid on those unsavoury words so we can be inclusive of everyone and create an environment enjoyable to all.

3. No bashing or flaming. These will not be tolerated. It is a certainty that there will be people who prefer one character or pairing over others but everyone is allowed their opinion just as you are allowed yours.

4. Participation is key therefore you must compete in at least half of the challenges of each War. A spreadsheet is available in each team and RHLand with the stats so please keep an eye on this to make sure you are not missing too many challenges.

5. You are only allowed to switch teams once per War and all of these must be submitted to the mods in the Contact Mods post. Just because you have asked to switch teams does not automatically mean that you will be placed on another team. Things such as numbers come into play.

6. Don't forget to add your team name to your submissions so that you will get the alloted points.

7. Do not give anyone (either your team or other team members) the answers to challenges. This will result in points being deducted from your team. All of the challenges are for fun and spoiling the challenges is not a way to have fun.

8. Promoting other landcomms here is allowed but spamming is not. This is on a purely first come, first served basis so if someone else has already posted one, please do not fill up the community with them.

9. Points are allocated for each challenge and the challenge description will tell you exactly how many points each is worth. There are added points for voting and for referral of members as there is also ten points for every new member to a team.

10. HAVE FUN!!! This is the most important rule!
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